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At Bumpers Direct we have driven many off and on road miles with multiple brands and styles of bumpers. We have hit everything from gas cans on the interstate, lumber flying off a truck on the highway, to multiple deer, hogs, and coyotes. We have used low end bumpers to the highest retail priced bumpers on the market and can tell you that the only bumpers we trust to save our vehicles and protect our families are Tough Country.

If you need a bumper that you can winch a buried 1 ton truck out with or tow the heaviest loads possible without worrying about bumper shift or damage, then look no further than Tough Country. The full line of products is built to the highest strength and quality available. They are so sure of their products that they offer a lifetime limited warranty on manufacturing and workmanship on products manufactured under the Tough Country name.

Because of our belief in their products, we have forged a relationship with Tough Country to not sell any products that compete with anything they produce. This exclusivity agreement allows us to provide our customers with the best pricing we can, and providing them with the ultimate value for their hard earned money to protect one of their biggest investments.